Polycryl Color Lock System

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This is our state of the art mobile  Polycryl color Lock system it features a blue tooth color sensor that will read the color and pick the closest color from our auto match Library.  Sometimes the matches are perfect but in most cases some adjustment is needed the idea is to get you close .Then it will send the information to your cell phone in seconds with the color and a formula to make it .This will help you get to the color faster then anything else on the market today in a very compact system. Please Note this system picks colors form a library and in most cases will not be an exact match but should be close as long as the color is in the library

System Includes :

1-  Blue tooth Sensor

1- Gram Scale

2- Qrt Satin Gloss  Mixing Clear 

1- Qrt Low Gloss Mixing Clear 

1- Set Mixing Pigments 17( Colors)

101 White  8oz , 110 Black  4oz, 140 Dark Brown 4oz, 160 Yellow Oxide  4oz, 145 Brown Oxide 2 oz ,150 Lt yellow 2oz, 155 Med Yellow 2oz,130 Lt Red 2oz 111 Carbon Black 2 oz, 138 Red Oxide 2 oz , 180 Orange 2 oz , 136 Magenta 2oz , 132 Bright Red 2 oz , 131 True Red 2oz ,190 purple 2oz , 120 Blue 2oz,175 green 2oz 

1- 16oz DuraCryl  Low Gloss Top Coat 

1- 16 oz Duracryl  Gloss Top Coat

1- 8oz Safe Link

1- 8oz Grip Base