DIY Leather and Vinyl Kit

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Professional Grade Products for the DIY'er.  We put this kit together with 8 of the most common Leather and Vinyl Dye colors so that you can mix an match 99% of Car Interior Colors!  We also provide professional grade compounds to repair damage and a professional leather and vinyl cleaner to prep the area!  In our opinion, this is the best DIY kit out there!!! Using Polycryl based toners, this kit allows for the an EXTREMELY DURABLE repair!!!

UPDATE: The kit now ships with 1 oz XR-11 in stead of DuraFlex. This makes it easier for the DIYer to use!!


This Kit Includes:

1 oz - XR-11 Air Dry Compound

1 oz - XR-10 Air Dry Compound

2 oz - Blended Toners (8 of the most common colors used to make 99% of interior leather and vinyl colors: White, Black, Blue, Yellow Oxide, Red Oxide, Dark Brown, Bright Red, Magenta)

4 oz - PolyClean Concentrate